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LAGOS, a luxury jewelry brand known for their iconic Caviar designs, briefed Modco on their goal, increasing revenue 15%. There was one problem- budget was flat YoY.

With a challenging task at hand, we knew we had to reach our loyal customer, but also heavily prospect. Going to the drawing board, we increased budget in our top performing strategies; search and retargeting. However, with no budget to increase top and mid funnel, we knew we had to be strategic.

We began a test and learn strategy across the full funnel and focused heavily on awareness and social as this was our biggest area of growth. Awareness partners were tasked with A/B testing numerous creatives while social had a split testing strategy consisting of over 3 tests a month.

Continuous testing and weekly optimizations led to major gains across the board which trickled down into our key KPIs; revenue, sales and ROAS.

12 years
of brand stewardship and continuous growth
both of its competitors – Madden and FIFA
Managed all paid media channels