Brand Activation


Get the NBC Politics app into the top 6 in iPad and top 25 in iPhone ranking within the News category, at least once during the flight


• Dedicated all dollars spent to marketing the iPad version as the News category for iPad was less competitive

• Required less downloads to penetrate top ranking in the News category so dollars could go further

• Heavied up media spend on first few days of campaign to maximize initial downloads and ranking


• The NBC Politics App launched with all cylinders firing from a paid, promotional, above the line and below the line  perspective to maximize consumer discovery

• By 11 am on the first day of the campaign, the NBC Politics App was the number 1 free iPad app in the News category and stayed Number 1 for three days

• Without spending any dollars on the iPhone version, it got to the 4th and 5th position in News the first two days of the media campaign and was in the top 25 for a total of four days


• Media Budget - $71,000 

• Actual Spend -$34,394

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